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Network Roberto Franceschi Workshop – 11 December 2020

Gambler’s behaviour: A field investigation

Miriam Tomasuolo
PhD in Economics, Catholic University of Milan

The thesis presents a lab-in-the-field experiment collecting data on gamblers’ behaviour. The study provides an estimate of the incidence of Problematic Gambling (PG) among the usual customers of a large betting agency in Milan. We elicit in an incentivized manner a large battery of behavioural traits in order to investigate which of them are mostly characterizing PG. Moreover, we investigate a causal relationship between gambling activity and behavioural traits. We also keep detailed track of the gambling activity during the day of the interview to see which are the more interest patterns of the gambling activity. The results underline important differences between real and experimental observation. When we usage experimental task to investigate a possible variation in risk preferences due to gambling activity we do not observe any significant impact on risk preferences. When we inspect risk preferences using data coming from the real gambling activity we find evidence of the diminishing marginality phenomenon. The more losses they have collected during gambling, the more is the risk that gamblers are likely to take in the subsequent bets. These results indicate that gamblers are not risk-seekers in full general, but their risk propensity seems to rise when they are involved in gambling.

About Network Roberto Franceschi:
Each year Fondazione Roberto Franceschi Onlus awards research grants to MSC and PhD students in order to finance data collection on the issues of social distress, poverty and inequality ( The recipients become part of Network Roberto Franceschi, the transnational network of scholars formed for the purpose of carrying out and promoting scientific research in the field of study of prevention of social pathologies and forms of social exclusion, on matters pertaining to underdevelopment, marginalisation, poverty, migration and civil rights.

Thanks to Intesa Sanpaolo

#FondazioneRobertoFranceschi #NetworkRobertoFranceschi #gambling

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20 2021 února
Police party of Tral headed by SHO Tral Inspector Abdul Rehman arrested 08 persons while they were indulged in gambling at public place in Bajwani Kahlil Tral.

The arrested persons have been identified as:

1)Javid Ahmad khanday
S/o Mohd Akbar khanday
R/o Amlar Tral

2)Mohd Iqbal Shah
S/o Mohd Ramzan shah
R/o Tral-e-Payeen

3)Niyaz Ahmad khan
S/o Ghulam Mohi-din khan
R/o Tral

4)Mohd Shafi Bhat
S/o Mohd Anwar Bhat
R/o Parigam

5)Mohd Shafi Mir
S/o Ghulam Ahmad
R/o Tral

6) Hamid Masroor
S/o Masroor Ahmad Shah
R/o Tral

7) Mohd Iqbal kumar
S/o Mohd Kamal kumar
R/o Amlar

8)Ghulam Nabi Dar
S/o Abdul Majeed Dar
R/o Noorpora

Stake money of Rs 54,200/= and packet of playing cards have been recovered from the possesion of the arrested persons from the place of gambling.

trial FIR Number 11 /2021 under relevant sections of law has been registered at Police Station Tral.
full general Public has hailed police action against social crimes

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Dnes se podíváme na minihru Gecko Match od Shantae (GBC)! Tato minihra stále zvyšuje sázky, jak ji neustále hrabete. Pojďte se naučit, jak být profesionálem v této minihře zde!

Příště se podíváme na Magic Mode od Shantae: Risky's Revenge - Director's Cut! Zůstaňte naladěni!

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The Royal Gambler 대박 EP13 20160509 SBS

최민수 (숙종) 는 윤진서 (숙빈 최씨) 를 불러 „매듭 을 푸시 오. 풀리지 않는다면 끊어 내 시오 ”라고 명령 했다.

Historické drama SBS Korean Fusion „The Royal Gambler“ příběhy o osudovém boji mezi zapomenutým princem Dae-Gilem (Jang Geun Suk) a jeho bratrem YoungJo (Yeo Jin Goo), který nesmí být králem.
Film „The Royal Gambler“ zahrnuje všechny akce, hazardní hry, lásku a bromance a je vysílán v pondělí a úterý ve 22:00 od začátku 28. března 2016.

☞ Navštivte oficiální web „The Royal Gambler“ a získejte více informací !:

☞ Seznam skladeb pro NEJLEPŠÍ scény „The Royal Gambler“:

☞ Nezapomeňte se podívat na film o natáčení filmu „The Royal Gambler“ !:

☞ Navštivte SBS 'ALL VOD' a sledujte další drama SBS, které budete následovat:

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“Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for “fair employment” for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair employment is a employment permitted by copyright statute that power otherwise be infringing. Non-turn a profit, educational or personal employment tips the balance in favor of fair employment.”

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